Here are some features, I hope will be included in a future version of the Amazon Kindle hardware or software:

  1. Keyword Search Your Books – There are times where I wanted to find a particular set of keywords in my Kindle library. Unfortunately, Kindle does not have this ability. Maybe it will show up in the next software update. Since Kindle is running on a Linux platform, it should be very easy for Amazon to add a search engine, maybe a stripped down version of A9.

  2. Skip to Next Article in the Wall Street Journal – I noticed while reading the Wall Street Journal that you can’t skip to the next article from all of the pages. The feature only exists on the first page of the article. Let’s say your on page 3 of an article and you get bored, you have to hit the Back button and then scroll down to the next article in list and then click the scroll wheel. There should be a menu option or a link on every page that will get you to the next or previous article.

  3. A Better Case for the Kindle – I use the existing Kindle case today, but the Kindle constantly falls out of it. The little tab that’s supposed to hold it in place doesn’t work to well. I bet there will be an after market set of cases for the Kindle. Amazon needs to improve this in the next version.

  4. Reduce the Size of the Next and Previous Page Buttons – I have seen this request a number of times already on the Kindle customer reviews. There are many times where I unintentionally hit the next or previous button while holding the Kindle.

As time goes on, I will add to this list. Does any one have any other suggestions?