Dec 10, 2008: Leading Analysts Discuss Latest FACTA Red Flags Research Findings

The FACTA Red Flags mandatory compliance date has arrived, yet research firm TowerGroup recently reported it “expects that less than one-third of US financial institutions will be fully compliant by the November 1 deadline.” (1)

In this free web seminar and Q&A moderated by the FS-ISAC, TowerGroup Senior Research Director George Tubin will take your questions and discuss key findings from his research including:

  • Where Red Flags exceeds the requirements of prior regulations, and why compliance is more than an administrative exercise
  • How agency estimates of the Red Flags regulatory burden have been “grossly underestimated”,/li>
  • Which key technology capabilities to consider for combating the increasing threat of cross-channel fraud

In addition, Denis Mayer, Solution Partner, Compliance & Risk Management Practice, with EMC Consulting Services will offer a practical look at tools and techniques your organization can employ today to close Red Flags compliance gaps and proactively position your organization for ongoing compliance.

(1) “The US Regulators Issue Identity Theft Prevention Rules: Cutting Through the Red Flags Red Tape,” September 2008, George Tubin, TowerGroup

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Sep. 10, 2008: Enhancing Your Fraud Prevention Program for Red Flags and Beyond

This one hour webinar and Q&A will explore strategies for using FACTA compliance as a springboard for updating and enhancing your overall security program to reduce losses associated with identity theft.

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Jun. 17, 2008: Making the FACTA Identity Theft “Red Flag” Rules Operational by November 1, 2008

Are You Ready for FACTA?
Identity Theft “Red Flags” Rules Deadline is November 1

Financial institutions and creditors must comply with the FACTA Identity Theft “Red Flags” rules by November 1, 2008. Get all the facts on FACTA and its impact on your institution during an interactive roundtable discussion led by a Frost & Sullivan financial services industry analyst. The session will address common questions including:

  • How do I know which “Red Flags” apply to my organization?
  • What constitutes an Identity Theft Prevention Program, and what program activities must we complete before the deadline?
  • What role must our Board play in overseeing the program?
  • How can technology be leveraged to detect “Red Flags”?

Also on hand will be consulting and technology experts from BusinessEdge Solutions an EMC consulting practice and RSA, The Security Division of EMC to offer examples of the processes and technologies organizations like yours are implementing in order to meet the November 1st mandatory compliance date.

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