I’ve had the Amazon Kindle for about two weeks now and I’ve noticed a couple of ways to extend the battery life. Here’s a couple of tips:

  1. Don’t use the sleep mode when you decide to take a break from reading. I believe the Kindle is still using power in sleep mode. The user guide states that the Kindle is not consuming power but I believe there are other parts inside the Kindle that do. When I put the Kindle in sleep mode, I get about 24-48 hours of battery life. If I turn the Kindle completely off, I have been getting 5-7 days worth of battery life.

  2. If you have a subscription to a newspaper like the Wall Street Journal on the Kindle, it makes more sense to turn the wireless connection on for a few minutes to get the new edition of the Journal rather than leaving the wireless connection on and putting the Kindle in sleep mode. Battery life is cut short if the wireless connection is left on for any extended period of time. I noticed it takes about 5 minutes or less of wireless time to get the new issue of the Wall Street Journal. I tend to turn the wireless on in the morning and turn it off about 5 minutes later.